The Oarsport Junior Sculling Head

The 2024 Oarsport Junior Sculling head was held on Friday 22nd March 2024 at Eton College Rowing Centre, off Court Lane, Dorney, SL4 6QP.

Many apologies, due to a technical problem, we are unable to have a video feed today.

Special Notes for 2024:


The head is run when the ground at Dorney is very wet so parking space is limited, we cannot use the normal car parking grass or the back trailer field. In discussions with those who run the facility we have had to accept that we have to limit the number of cars, and our estimate is that if we allow cars carrying competitors but not those solely used by spectators to come then we can stay within acceptable limits. As a result we are sorry but we cannot allow cars carrying just spectators to enter the facility. We appreciate this may disappoint some people and we intend to set up a fixed point webcam so that at least some visibility of racing will be available via a link on the website.

Selection of crews for the Junior Sculling Head

We realise that all crews will have had a lot less water time than they would like this winter so J14s in particular will be very inexperienced at boat moving. Please can coaches ensure that their crews are capable of turning in a reasonable time, of following umpires instructions and can get on and off the water in a reasonable time. We really don’t want to have to stop crews racing if they are not competent but in the interests of running a safe event we occasionally have to do so. Please do not let your crews be subjected to this, we would suggest things like ensuring you have a couple of competent scullers in the bows to help turning, or sharing your competent scullers through your crews. Whatever it takes but please ensure they are capable of coping!

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OJSH 2024 Results: See button at top of page for provisional results.

Results from previous years

No events took place in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.