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The all new ...
Junior Sculling Regatta 2016

On Monday 30th May at Dorney Lake

Organised by The Scullery under British Rowing Rules of Racing and Rowsafe.

Events will be raced over 1500m with Time Trials held over 1250m.

The following events will take place
J14/WJ14 4x+, J14/WJ14 2x
J15/WJ15 4x+, J15/WJ15 2x, J15/WJ15 1x
J16/WJ16 4x, J16/WJ16 2x, J16/WJ16 2-, J16/WJ16 1x
J17/WJ17 1x

Entries are now closed.

Safety Documents: All athletes, coaches and race officials are required to familiarise themselves with the contents of the following documents.
NEW click here for Instructions to Competitors (pdf)
NEW click here for Risk Assessment (pdf)
NEW click here for Safety Plan (pdf)
New click here for Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy (pdf)
click here for Stake-boat Start Instructions for Coxes (pdf)
click here for Time-Trial Water Circulation Plan (pdf)
click here for Site Circulation Plan (pdf)

Entries, Start List and Racing Timetable:
click here for WJ16 4x A-Final Draw (pdf)
click here for Time Trials Start List (pdf)
click here for List of Regatta Entries by Club/School V3 (pdf)
click here for List of Regatta Entries by Event V3 (pdf)
Updated: click here for Regatta Race Timetable V3 25th May (pdf)


- Entries of less than 7: Straight Final
- Entries of 7 to 9: Time Trial, then the fastest 1 to 6 to A Final
- Entries of 10 or more: Time Trial, then the fastest 1 to 6 crews to A Final and 7 to 12 to B Final

***We proposed to do A and B finals for all events where applicable, but with so many entries we have managed to fit in C finals for a number of events so as many people as possible get 2 races.

Entry fees

- Quads - £60
- Doubles & Pairs - £40
- Singles - £25


- No composite crews are permitted.
- Athletes are not allowed to double up.
- No more than 50% of the crew can be J13.
- Only two coaches per crew will be permitted to follow the race.
- Should any Umpire feel that a crew’s watermanship ability endanger themselves or others they will be excluded from the event.
- Any winning crew that cannot present a complete set of racing licences, with attached photographs, may not be presented with any medals until the missing racing licences or photographic proof of identity has been provided.


- Medals will be presented to the first three crews in all events provided that at least one further crew starts.
- Medals for 2nd boats will be presented to the first three crews in an event provided that at least one further crew starts. These could be decided, if required, by finish position in the Time Trial.
- Should the weather not allow Finals to be raced, the medals will be presented based on the Time Trials results.


- Closing Date for entries was at NOON on TUESDAY 17th May 2016.
- All entries must be made and paid for on BROE.
- If the event is cancelled the Committee will endeavour to refund a proportion of the entry fee.

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